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Lobster pots is a great game for the end of term. Students can play the game independently or you could choose to use this tool with the whole class. Students will need to follow the link below and either select "Play independently" or "Play as a class".

Click on the link above and paste in MS Teams/Google Classroom for students to be able to access.

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Ask students to scan the above QR code with their smartphone or tablet device camera.

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You are now a lobster fisherman.

Your task is to fish lobsters from 2 locations using lobster pots: inshore or offshore.

You will start with £80 and 5 pots.

The amount of money you earn for each location will be dependent on the weather (a dice roll).

If the dice shows a 1 to 5, it is a good weather day.

A 6 is a bad weather day. For the next 2 days, if a 5 or 6 is rolled, it is also a bad weather day. For any bad weather day, offshore pots are destroyed (removed from your available pots) and you will be charged £2 for the recovery of the broken pots. 3 successive days results in a hurricane meaning you will need to replace your boat at a cost of £150.

Each pot will earn/cost the following depending on the weather and location:

Good weather Bad weather
Inshore £3 £5
Offshore £10 -£2

Every Saturday you will need to pay £80 living costs/boat maintenance. Nobody works on a Saturday or Sunday.

If you are doing this activity as a class or using the paper template (click here), the dice below can be used to determine the weather for the day:

Click to roll the dice:

Active league table (if playing online):

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