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Morse code was developed in the 1830s and 1840s by Samuel Morse, who along with other inventors created the telegraph that revolutionized long-distance communication. It worked by transmitting electrical signals over a wire laid between stations. Samuel Morse developed a code that assigned a set of dots and dashes to each letter of the English alphabet and allowed for the simple transmission of complex messages across telegraph lines.

This is an example of the letter A and what it translates into when in morse code:

Play example code A

Use this facility to design a multiplication or vocabulary based starter through the use of morse code.

Design your morse code question to encode

To begin, simply choose two numbers or a key word and enter them in the relevant boxes below:


Here is a full list of allowed characters that will be encoded from the input fields above: Number problem: 0-9 . Word problem: A-Z 0-9 , / ( ) . ! x + - =


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