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The scavenger hunt/loop card generator makes use of the Maths White Board question bank (click here) to help you create your own hunt. Create your loop card hunt resource and scatter the pages around your room. Alternatively, print 4 or 6 to a page and create a domino activity that can be completed in pairs. The students will then need to answer the questions on each card and seek out the corresponding answers. Students should write down the card numbers as they move from task to task or align the cards if completing it as a domino task. Once students have returned back to their original starting point, they have finished the task.

The alternative to creating your own is to grab one of my quick takeaways (12 questions on 6 commonly occuring topics from recent past papers).

Foundation: Higher: Numeracy:

Click here to produce a scavenger hunt for the UK GCSE 2022 advanced information

Design your activity:

To begin, search the question bank for a specific skill. Select the difficulty level of the skill. Select how many questions based on the skill you would like. Add more skills if required. Preview then create the hunt.

You can translate your hunt into 109 different languages. Click here to find out more about how to use Google Translate .

Please note the scavenger hunt generator does not currently support the rendering of hunts on iPad/tablet/mobile devices.

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