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The Top That Maths card generator makes use of the Maths White Board question bank (click here) to bring you a bright and informative game for two or more players. Simply select up to 4 topics from the list below and print out your pack! The site will then generate cards containing 4 questions on each card. To play, split the pack between the players. Each player takes it in turn to choose one of the 4 questions and whoever has the highest answer, wins the top card from each player's pack.

When playing the game, if the answer to a question is algebraic, either you could give the letters a value or the students who agree on one that would lead them to determine which answer is higher than the other (e.g. say a is 10).

You are free to use this resource for your own personal/school use but the packs generated should not be commercially distributed. If you want to share this resource, share this page! I will always keep adding and amending cards to ensure that you get the best service.

To unlock the full potential of this resource and many more on Maths White Board, purchase a 12 month subscription. To find out more about how you can subscribe, please click the following button for more information.

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Subscribing unlocks all greyed out resources below.

Design your Top That Maths game:

Use the search tool to pick up to 4 topics (limited to 2 for those that are not subscribed):


Please note the Top That Maths generator does not currently support the rendering of cards on iPad/tablet/mobile devices.


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