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All projects listed below are completely FREE for educational use:

Teaching tools


Launch MWB

Maths White Board

"I do/We do/You do" modelling activities, mini white board activities, securing exercises and retrieval practice questions


Launch BWB

Blank White Board

Share your thoughts, import images and write over other websites


Launch TPB

Term Planner Board

Organise the site resources into an easy to use planner



Launch WSG

Work Sheet Generator

Customise your own Maths worksheets by selecting topics, difficulty and quantity


Launch SHB

Scavenger Hunt Board

Create your own Maths scavenger/treasure hunt


Launch WSB

Word Search Board

Create your own Maths word search


Launch LSB

Link Sheet Board

Create your own match up task


Launch DSB

Domino Sheet Board

Create your own domino/loop card task

Starters/Revision activities


Launch LWB

Last White Board

Select questions for last lesson, last week, last topic and last term


Launch RWB

Revision White Board

Customise and select pre-made revision packs to display on the board


Launch WAI

What Am I? Board

Create a word board to strengthen word and definition connections



Launch BGB

Bingo Game Board

Create a bingo game on a specific skill


Launch CFB

Card Flip Board

A link between rewards and assessment


Launch WRB

Wheel Of Reward

A link between rewards and assessment


Launch GTT

Get The Target

Use the numbers to get the target

Class interaction tools

Launch CS

Class Share

Share content from your screen and view what pupils are doing on their boards

Launch CP

Class Pads

Use your own quiz or the MWB multiple choice questions and turn any device into an interactive keypad (T or F, ABCD or RAG)


Launch QLA

QLA Board

Collect question level analysis data from students who have completed a test you designed or one of the site's topic tests

Read more about these projects and watch training material here


Every aspect of the Maths White Board site is built around 3 things:


Differentiated challenge

Each topic area has been broken up into roughly 6 differentiated concepts to facilitate a greater level of support or challenge for a learner.


Beautifully scaffolded

Each topic has been structured in such a way to lead a user through a desirable teaching sequence or learning journey.


Endless questions

The site has been built with a topic bank at it's core not a question bank. The main aim is for you to never encounter the same question twice.


Below are 3 activities contained in the Maths White Board site born out of research:


Mini White Board activity

A powerful tool to support the use of mini whiteboards during classroom assessment. This part of the website produces a question for a specific topic and displays it full screen for clear viewing. Whilst using this tool, you have access to each of the differentiated levels (stars) and the answers are available for each question providing ease of use. You can generate new questions (but with different numbers) at any level with a simple click of a levelled button. No longer are you limited by the number of questions in an exercise to assess students whilst also being driven to master a specific skill. This tool is available under the main menu of the software and titled "Mini WB".

Recall White Board

Ideal for recapping on the full breadth of a specific skill (starters/revision). The site will produce a question at each of the differentiated levels and arrange them on screen for students to complete. You can then model the appropriate method before selecting the question to reveal the answer. If another question at the same level is required, select the refresh button to generate a new question but with different numbers. Endless opportunities to revise all aspects of a key topic skill over a sequence of lessons. This tool is available under the main menu of the software and titled "Recall WB".

Secure White Board

In order for techniques to be cemented into long term memory, sometimes we need to just give students a few similar questions for them to learn routines. The idea behind this aspect of the site is for students to practice so they learn not to make mistakes. The site will produce 6 questions at any chosen differentiated level and arrange them on screen. Not only will this tool help students to become familiar with techniques, it will also reduce the cost of printing unnecessary 1 time worksheets for classroom based activities. This tool is available under a selected and levelled MWB activity and titled "Secure WB".


Click here to view a brief overview of my progress with the first wave of the Maths White Board question bank.

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